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The Living Mall Is Constantly Expanding and Becoming A New Urban Center
Rmall is located in the east of the Living Mall, with a modern service industry center covering 206,000 square meters. On the basis of pursuing cultural creative life, the modern service industry center is planned to be facilitated with education, beauty therapy, maternity center, fitness, youth innovation and design center, etc.
It aims to realize the perfect integration of cultural creative life, traditional service industry and modern service industry, and staggered development with the surrounding commercial complex. This is the first business project in Jiangsu  Province that places the modern service industry center in a Mall which will realize vertical and horizontal integration for the interflow of people and convenient and efficient life for the customers. It strives to build up the business effect of the Living MALL, further improve the functions of the business circle of the Living Mall and construct a big business ecological system with clear-cut layers, complementary and full functions.
Advanced parking planning concept
Planned to have 2500 lots for temporary parking on the ground and underground
New Center  of Yangzhou Is Here
Rmall creates
One Axis: cultural creativity   
Two Cores: Business + Modern Service Industry
Four Goals: urban development, convenient life, cultivating tax resource, increase employment
This project includes cultural and creative new life, traditional service industry and modern service industry. The three themes are connected together to let the customers feel the art of living, experience the vitality of culture and let the Start-up Center and Youth Innovation Center shine with good performance. It plans to integrate culture, business, art and life, gather different varieties of business to further improve the supportive facilities and make life more convenient, create unique and colorful new cultural life model and bring brand-new experience. Everything needed can be found here.
A new urban center needs the cooperation of multiple business entities to have an accumulative effect. In addition to making it big, what’s more, it shall be fully and well functioned so as to bring the citizens convenience and safety and contribute to the one hundred-year development plan of the city.